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Winter Services

We like to work together with our customers to tackle the duty of care towards the general public and your employees. Ice and snow creates hazards for pedestrians and motorists alike. Having a winter gritting service in place means that you can avoid many of these problems.

The safety of staff and visitors is paramount for any business or organisation, but heavy snow or ice can leave the car-parks and footpaths around your site a potential slipping hazard. We understand the implications and impact that snow can bring whatever the size of your business or organisation. Ice Watch receive postcode specific weather forecast information for your site and employ an in-house meteorologist to monitor changing conditions using our bespoke live weather radar system.

With our extensive experience as gritting contractors and knowledge of regional areas, we know that no two sites are the same, consequently requirements will be bespoke. Clear understanding of environmental variations enables us to calibrate equipment to deliver the exact amount of material required for the conditions at the time action is taken.


The gritting service is put into action to prevent ice forming, so we grit sites at the optimum time indicated by forecasts to maximise effect. We take into account many variables such as ground temperature, moisture levels and duration of ice risk to reach a decision as to whether or when the gritting service is required.

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