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"Experienced, Creative and Professional Maintenance and Landscaping"


Our complete Grounds Maintenance and Landscaping services include contracted maintenance, as well as landscaping projects for private and corporate clients, planting schemes, irrigation systems and licensed weed control. We also offer seasonal contracts, such as winter gritting schemes and Christmas tree installations. 

We understand that your properties and the outdoor spaces that go with them are valuable assets, and we want to help you to keep them that way. Whether you’re looking to drive footfall, encourage longer stays, sell or let property, or attract new investments we’re able to support you with a wide range of services.


Competitively priced and always reliable, 360 Landscapes have a dedicated team of professionals to deliver the quality and experience you desire.




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We believe in investing in sustainable solutions and strive to use environmentally friendly initiatives. These include bio-diversity management, wildlife promotion, green waste composting and sustainability schemes. We are currently investing in reducing air pollution by replacing two-stroke engine equipment with battery-powered machinery and cleaner-burning engines that produce fewer emissions than two-stroke counterparts.

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